so please ( darling ) (sopleasedarling) wrote,
so please ( darling )

We never met, you and I We were always inside, we were somewhere inside one another. And I'll live without you love, but what good is one glove, without the other? You only ask about my leaving, well honey I had no choice, so I call and (when you hear that heavy breathing) for that sound of your voice. But you sit there silent, folded arms And look down as I walk by Though my face has changed, you know it's me You know by the stillness in my eyes. Come and whisper in my ear, "you're very pretty,dear" and "it'll be alright." You're lying! But I don't mind tonight. So I wander and I wander Your absence beating inside my chest I try but I can't remember The color of your eyes- just the shape of your dress. And through a garden overgrown Oh, it's a long walk home. I said I'd not come back, well I'm coming back- and you'd better be alone.
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